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I’m Lew Green, and I’ve been proud to play in numerous jazz bands you’ll find on this website, including: The Original Salty Dogs Jazz Band, the Ragtime Evolution, and Green’s New Novelty Orchestra.
~ Lew Green


The Original Salty Dogs Jazz Band

In 1947, a group of Purdue University students formed the Salty Dogs Jazz Band. In the earliest days of jazz, Indiana was the place where the great bands played, recorded and set down their musical roots. The Salty Dogs Jazz Band was born from that tradition and they continue today as living testament that great hot jazz will live forever.


The Ragtime Evolution Band

The Ragtime Evolution Jazz Band has performed in Connecticut and the Northeast since 1973. The group uses four to seven players and performs for private parties, county clubs, and festivals and special events. The musical repertoire includes i.e. Classic Ragtime, authentic New Orleans jazz, popular music of the swing era and music from George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, "Fats" Waller and more. The Ragtime Evolution will make your event special.

"When the Salty Dogs left the Purdue campus in the early 1960s, a contingent continued at Purdue as the band performed and spread the joy of traditional jazz across the United States. Today, with the same personnel from the 1950s and with 40 additional years of experience and polish, they are acclaimed as one of the foremost traditional jazz bands in the world."

Lew Green