Green's New Novelty Orchestra

How often have you heard the phrase “Keep it in the family?”


I was about 12 when I discovered George Hamilton Green’s trunk under a pile of junk in our basement. It was filled with pictures, music, arrangements, scrapbooks, concert posters, and other neat stuff going back to when George and his brother, Joe, were kids in Omaha. Their mom, Minnie, kept everything and the mallet world is forever grateful. My father, Lew Sr., joined the Green Brothers in 1928 just in time to work on Walt Disney’s first animated Mickey Mouse movie, "Steamboat Willie," and others. 


Years after the “trunk raid” I used the music and arrangements it contained and formed Green’s New Novelty Orchestra. Because of the magic of the Green Brothers' music we were able to lure the best musicians in New York who also understood the music and performed it with perfection.